Buy Grille Guard for sale for $699 instead $1199. 

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics in the USA every year more than 1 000 000 car accidents caused by deer, which leads to 200 people death and more than 10 000 people receive damage of varying severity


When you hit a deer on the road you are risking not only your truck ``health``, but your own life!
When you hit a deer you have to spend at least $1000 for repair your truck (light damage). If you have engine damage - you will pay more than $10 000 (in this price we include: body parts, radiator, engine)
When you hit a deer on the road you have to spend your time for seeking shop repair that you can trust and waiting until your truck will be repaired. Especially, this is awful when you away of your home.


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Protects bumper, radiator and intercooler

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Made of heavy duty materials

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Steel mounts with powder coat finish

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Ensure unmatched quality

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Easy installation



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Everyone knows that safety is one of the overarching things for a truck driver. In this question, you should not only rely on your professional driving skills but also on your vehicle equipment. You should always be sure in it! Our company provides the best grille guards that can be a wise choice if you are thinking about upgrading your truck.

A good grille guard will protect you and your truck engine from an unexpected strike! A wild animal.An inattentive driver.A glaze ice. All these factors may cause a crash, and you don’t want to be hurt in that crash! We can provide you with the truck grille guards that were developed for the most relevant semi-trucks by the well-known companies in the world – Freightliner Cascadia and Volvo VNL. These parts are developed with an extraordinary control for a quality of every detail. And the due attention is paid to the geometry of every final product. That means that the mounting bracket of the product makes a grille guard installation much easier.

All our deer guardsare made from the durable noncorrosive steel in Taiwan. And we assure you that this country develops one of the best semi grille guards if you are looking for a product with a reasonable price and a perfect quality. And you shouldn’t forget about the important factor – these grille guards will definitely save your engine, including radiator and intercooler, from serious damages.

About the products

Freightliner Cascadia. If you are in this profession a quite long, you understand what we are talking about. Freightliner is one of the notorious companies in the United States that develops trucks and parts to them. So, we can frankly speak that a grille guard or a deer guardwon’t disappoint you. Freightliner is famed for their diligent attention to the every detail of their work, and they always ready to prove that quality is on the priorities. You just know that Freightliner truck grille guardsare a wise decision!

Volvo VNL. This company showed the world that European trucks also can be authoritative and comfortable. Volvo Corporation has been developed trucks since 1928 which means that the company is one of the oldest in the world market. The truck grille guards developed by the company are made of a solid and lightweight material, and a grille guard installation won’t be a difficult job. Besides, Volvo engineers also think about a design, so their trucks and the parts to them always have a classy look. If you support European truck companies this is the one you are searching for.

Prices and delivery

Nowadays a good truck part is cost a pretty sum of money, and a grille guard is not an exception. But we assure you that our prices are the lowest you can find in the U.S. Today the grille guardscosts around 1,000 dollars. We offer you a good product only for 699 dollars. And this is just a beginning. If you are a representative of a big or small truck company that keeps in possession their own trucks, you can order 10 or more truck grille guards, and you will get them only for 649 dollars each. You are going to save 50 dollars from each part. You’re saving your money, and we are building our reputation.

And if we are talking about reputation we are serious. We are sure in the quality of our products. If you want an approval – just buy one of our deer guard and you can receive it in 3-4 days. Your order will reach you in time no matter in which U.S. state you live. A delivery price is only 139 dollars.

If you are seeking for a nice and sustainable grille, and you don’t want to think about the high prices, an extended searching, a comfortless grille guard installation process, and about the delivery – just reach us by number: 708-357-7725, or make an order from our website.

We are thinking about your safety, and hope that you’re thinking about it too!